GoJak-4107 主要用于輕型飛機的移動千斤頂

GoJak-4107 主要在輕型飛機上使用的移動千斤頂

GoJak 4107型號是主要在輕型飛機上使用的自行裝載小型車輪組件的理想工具。 手柄的極端角度允許從身體部位和擋泥板蓋板獲得最大的間隙。 手動操作使您可以輕松地直接使用踏板操作更難的機翼下。

GoJak 4107型可處理重達1025磅的輪胎,輪胎直徑從7 1/2到22英寸不等,寬度可達7英寸。 內置的線性棘輪提供平穩和受控的升降輪胎。 該裝置使用四個3英寸雙滾珠滾道腳輪,并且可以在右手和左手配置中使用。

Model G4107

Max Aircraft Weight – 4100 lbs
Max Tire Width – 7″
Casters – (4) 3″ GF Nylon ANSI 2012 Cert
Rollers – (2) 1″ Diameter Steel Roller per Axle

The model 4107 is the perfect tool for self loading smaller wheel assemblies primarily found on light aircraft. The extreme angle of the handle allows for maximum clearance from body parts and fender covers. Hand operation enables you to easily use directly under wings where pedal operation would be more difficult.
The Model 4107 can handle wheel weights up to 1025 pounds, tires ranging from 7 1/2 to 22 inches in diameter and widths up to 7 inches wide. The built in linear ratchet provides smooth and controlled lifting and lowering of tires. The unit uses four, 3 inch double ball raceway casters and is available in right and left hand configurations.