GoJak-5211 千斤頂移動推車

GoJak-5211 千斤頂移動推車

GoJak 5211型是GoJak自動千斤頂小車產品線的主力。 二十年前開發出了基本的自動裝載小車設計,最近規格已經從5,000磅提高到了5,200磅。 GoJak 5211系列GoJak®是一款成熟可靠的產品,可將輪重提升至1300磅(四個單元高達5,200磅)。 該設備能夠將輪胎寬度提升至11英寸寬,高達34英寸,能夠容納今天銷售的乘用車和小型卡車的很大比例。 它使用一個雙向直線棘輪作為千斤頂部分和四個直徑4英寸的重型雙滾珠軌道腳輪,有左右兩種單元。

Model G5211

Max Vehicle Weight – 5200 lbs
Max Weight Per Tire – 1300 lbs
Max Tire Width – 11″
Max Tire Diameter – 34″
Casters – (4) 4″ GF Nylon ANSI 2012 Cert
Rollers – (1) 2.5″ Diameter Steel Roller per Axle

Additional information
Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 25.5 x 26.125 x 8.125 in

The Model 5211 is the workhorse of the GoJak® auto jack / dolly product line. The basic self-loading dolly design was developed twenty years ago and the specifications have recently been improved from 5,000 to 5,200 lb capacity. The 5211 Series GoJak® is a proven and reliable product that can lift and move wheel weights up to 1,300 lbs. (up to 5,200 lbs with four units). Capable of lifting tire widths up to 11 inches wide and up to 34 inches tall, the unit accommodates a very large percentage of the passenger cars and small trucks sold today. It uses a bi-directional linear ratchet for the jack portion and four 4-inch diameter heavy-duty doubleball raceway casters. Available in left and right hand units.