GoJak-6313 千斤頂移動推車


GoJak 6313型能夠承載車輛重量6,300磅(每輪1,574磅),輪胎寬度高達13英寸寬,36英寸高。 GoJak 6313自動千斤頂是GoJak®生產線中最通用和最強大的。 它有鋼制滾輪,更寬的軸,兩個直徑5英寸,以及兩個4英寸直徑的雙滾珠滾道腳輪。 這種組合使得用更重的負載更容易滾動。GoJak 6313型有一個5度偏置踏板,用于額外的腳到輪胎間隙。 底架間隙在5211上額外增加了2-1/2英寸,這在將平板卡車拉起時非常有用, 有左右兩部分單元單位。

GoJak Model 6313
 Max Vehicle Weight – 6300 lbs
 Max Weight Per Tire – 1575
 Max Tire Width – 13″
 Max Tire Diameter – 36″
 Casters – (2) 4″ / (2) 5″ GF Nylon ANSI 2012 Cert
 Rollers – (1) 2.5″ Diameter Steel Roller per Axle
Additional information
Weight 47 lbs 
Dimensions 25.5 x 26.125 x 8.125 in 

The Model 6313 is an ox. Able to jack vehicle weights to 6,300 lbs. (1,574 lbs. per wheel), including light duty trucks with tire widths up to 13 inches wide and 36 inches tall. This auto jack / dolly is the most versatile and strongest GoJak® in the line. It has steel rollers, wider axles and two heavy-duty 5-inch diameter, and two heavy-duty 4-inch diameter, double-ball raceway casters. This combination makes for easier rolling with heavier loads.  The Model 6313 has a 5-degree offset pedal for additional foot-to-tire clearance. The under frame clearance is increased an additional 2-1⁄2 inches over the 5211, which is very useful when pulling cars up flatbed trucks. Available in left and right hand units.